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Award winning actress and San Francisco native, Terri J. Vaughn had a dream of giving back to her community. In 1997 that dream became a reality with the birth of Take Wings Foundation. Since its inception, the foundation has served hundreds of youth who reside in at-risk communities. TWF continues to provide opportunities that promote self-sufficiency, supports healthy youth development and provides access to academic scholarships. Workshops, senior retreats, scholarships, community service projects and annual holiday dinners are some of the programs that youth actively participate in year round. Exposure to positive role models and unique experiences further supports the vision of TWF to encourage its participants to dream outside of the limitations of their current environments.

TWF provides a variety of activities for youth that gives them support for education and self-sufficiency, chances to interact with positive role models, access to academic scholarships and awards, and opportunities to participate in community service initiatives. TWF workshops, youth summits, seniors retreat, scholarships, community service projects and annual holiday awards dinner are some of the positive programs that young teens actively participate in year round.

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The Girls Summit / Workshop scheduled for this Saturday 10-25-2014 is cancelled. Please attend the 'Knowledge Is Power' Youth Leadership Conference happening on the same day.

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TWF is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life, education and health of each youth, and with your support and commitment, we will succeed in achieving these goals.

TWF is a non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Tax ID Number 71-0877586. Contributions are tax deductible to the limit allowed by law.

TWF Book Club

Help TWF youth purchase books and supplies for college. The proceeds from the TWF Book Club will be used to fund text books for inner city youth who complete all phases of the TWF program, and who are going to college to further their education. Your support will help them accomplish their goals.

“I have Take Wings to thank for my confidence as a woman. The empowerment classes we took geared towards women prepared me for life as a young lady. I now believe I can follow my dreams, I can make mistakes and I am still ok! Thank you Take Wings for helping me to embrace all of me and believing in me.”
Imani Carter, TWF Participant 2008-2011
“Being around “STRONG BLACK” women was very inspiring.¬† After high school I attended Contra Costa College. I was struggling to the point of almost becoming homeless. I joined the Navy. Now, I am a third class in the Navy with a beautiful baby and fiancee. I’ve traveled the world and I am finishing up my AA degree for child psychology. Thank you for everything and for inspiring me to be something and never giving up on my dreams.”
Ebony Cummings, TWF Participant 2005-2007
“Take Wings has helped me to open my eyes to the possibilities in my future…they have provided connections for me that will benefit me for years to come…throughout my five years of being a participant I have become stronger, more confident and more prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead.¬† I encourage other girls to step outside the box, try new things and consider being a part of this unique movement of women!”
Twannisha Gilbert, TWF Participant 2008-2013
“I always enjoy participating in Take Wings activities. I have learned alot about how to make healthy decisions and use so much of what I learn in my every day life. I know that I will be a strong woman and will go for all of my dreams no matter what. Take Wings staff encourages girls to never give up. I have had to deal with some difficult things and with the support that I receive from Take Wings they seem a little less difficult!”
E'Niyah Wilson, TWF Participant 2010-Current