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About Take Wings Foundation

About Take Wings

Take Wings Foundation was founded in 1997 by Actress and Philanthropist Terri J. Vaughn. Over the past 17 years, TWF has served hundreds of youth who live in communities where there are limited educational opportunities, high crime, elevated rates of drug addiction, domestic violence, gang involvement, teen pregnancy, and general hopelessness.

Take Wings Foundation provides a variety of activities for youth to give them support for higher education and self-sufficiency, opportunities to interact with positive role models, access to academic scholarships and awards, as well as opportunities to participate in community service initiatives. TWF workshops, youth summits, senior retreat, scholarships, community service projects and annual holiday awards dinner are some of the positive programs that youth participate in year-round.


Award winning actress Terri J. Vaughn is best known for her portrayal as the sassy, outspoken Lovita Alizay Jenkins on the TV series “The Steve Harvey Show” as well as her role as Jonelle on “Meet the Browns”. Her other television credits include “All of Us”, “Soul Food,” “Girlfriends” and “E.R.” and current movie credits include “Daddy’s Little Girls”, “Dirty Laundry”, and the self produced documentary film “Angels Can’t Help But Laugh”.

TWF Vision, Mission and Core Services


Take Wings Foundation envisions a productive community of positive, educated, professional and confident young people who are serving their communities by being role models for future generations.


The mission of the Take Wings Foundation is to build self-esteem of at-risk girls between the ages of 12-18 living in the greater San Francisco Bay Area by providing positive experiences and role modeling.

Core Services

TWF has three core services for achieving the foundation’s mission: Health & Life Skills Training, Community Service, and Scholarships. The following is a brief overview of these services and programs.

Every year, Take Wings holds an Annual Angels Awards Benefit to raise funds for scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to approximately 15 young women that are enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college or a trade school. In order to qualify for the scholarship, they must complete all of the workshops, participate in community service activities, and write an essay on a topic of our choosing. Scholarship amounts are based on the funds raised at the Annual Angels Awards Benefit.

Participants are required to complete 32 hours of community service annually. They complete these hours in their communities through a variety of activities including collecting clothes for shelters, reading to seniors at convalescent homes, participating in health fairs and health walks to raise money for AIDS/HIV, Breast Cancer and other organizations.
Take Wings hosts a series of workshops for 60-80 girls (three times per year) with a focus on self-esteem, etiquette, higher education, finances, decision making and communication skills. The health & life skills training address areas of ability (personal, social, health, and cognitive competencies) and aspects of identity, including perceptions of self-worth, belonging, self-awareness and responsibility.

The program emphasizes health and wellness, leadership, social responsibility, financial stability, self-sufficiency, and academic success. During the life skills training workshops the girls choose a topic for a program required essay and select their required community service project.

Through their participation in the workshops, young women have an opportunity to learn communication and negotiation skills, to think critically, to solve problems and make independent decisions. They also have a safe space where they can discuss personal issues that they would not necessarily address in the programs in their community.

Young women who have participated in the TWF programs and are now graduating, participate in a weekend retreat where there is a motivational speaker and a rites-of-passage ceremony. It is a time of relaxation, education, and a celebration of personal accomplishments.

Young women, who participate in the workshops and community service, spend an evening with Terri J. Vaughn and celebrity friends at the Home for the Holidays Dinner held in December. There, celebrities talk about personal experiences, challenges, and successes they faced as teens. The goal is to challenge each girl to discover her own vision, talents and goals as these celebrities did.

We Appreciate Your Support

Take Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization under Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and our Tax ID Number is 71-0877586. Contributions are tax deductible to the limit allowed by the law. We acknowledge your stature in our community and welcome your participation in this memorable event. Your commitment to become a sponsor will make a huge impact in the lives of the girls we serve. Thank you for your consideration and your continued support of Take Wings Foundation.